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LHPG Systems and Services

Turn-key LHPG systems

We deliver turn-key systems with different upgrades and options to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our systems feature:

  • Compact growth chamber design.
  • Operating temperature up to 2800C.
  • Precise lower and upper translations.
  • Single or multi-laser design.
  • Laser power up to 100W.
  • Capability of growing crystals with diameter between 25 microns and 2mm.




  • Fully automated diameter control (ADC)
  • Dual parabolic mirror.
  • Sealed chamber for growth in controlled atmosphere0




  • Spooling drum kit for long fibers
  • Extension arms
  • Alignment device for mounting seeds and feed rods
  • Enclosure




Altus’ team of world-class experts provides the following services after purchase of a system:


  • Installation and crystal growth demonstration
  • Consulting on upgrades and custom design improvements
  • Consulting on crystal growth


Altus’ Laser Heated Pedestal Growth (LHPG) technology can produce fibers and thin rods that are longer, thinner, and of better quality than those made by others…


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